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For travel & expo bookings please read the required info at the bottom of this page and email me at

Upcoming Travel & Expos

Here you'll find planned travel and expo dates coming up for 2024.

Australian Tattoo Expo

International Convention Centre

March 15th-17th 2024



Travel Enquiries

This pertains only to enquiries for travel or guest spots outside of Canberra.

All enquiries must be made by email to and contain the following information:

  • Please write the city in your email subject!

  • Your full name and contact details (mobile number).

  • You must specify the expo or guest spot location and dates you are available.

  • A clear description of what you want. Be concise with your request.

  • A clear description of where you want the tattoo, and rough size in cm/placement - a photograph for placement may be requested (required if there are any nearby tattoos that need to be considered in placement).

  • If you want a coverup, you must provide a few clear photographs of the existing tattoos. Please be aware I will not accept all coverup requests.

  • A few reference images that clearly show the elements you are interested in or references of my own work that contain the style/element you want. I'd prefer not to receive photos of other artist's tattoos but understand it may help describe what you want (I will not copy it).

  • Your budget, if any.

If you do not provide a clear email with the information above I may not be able to help you with your enquiry.

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