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Tattoo Frequently Asked Questions

1 / Do you do cover up tattoos?

Yes, I do take on cover up tattoos sometimes however I don't accept all cover up requests. Part of this is often due to client expectations versus what is possible with tattooing, or because the kind of work I do is not always compatible with complex cover ups. I may recommend laser removal is considered before attempting a cover up, laser can really open up your options for cover ups and make it easier to create an end result with less compromise that you will be happier with.

2 / My tattoo idea is different to the tattoos you show in your portfolio or social media, will you still take it on?

The easiest way is just to send me your idea and ask! While I mostly present work in the styles I'm more focused on or want to continue developing, I'm versatile and can take on a range of projects. For smaller pieces I am more flexible, especially 'walk in' kind of tattoos, however for large scale work I may refer you to another artist or let you know where I'm not confident that I'm the right artist for your idea.

Please consider if the idea is too far outside of the elements you see in my work. Some set boundaries where I will not take on your tattoo would be styles like hyper realism, full colour realism, 'watercolour', portraiture or micro tattoos. Generally, if I am taking on any colour tattoos it is simple and more traditional/graphic style, not realistic.

3 / Can you do a tattoo design for me before I book in an appointment?

The short answer is no.

4 / Will you rework or finish another artist's work?

This depends on a case by case basis, however if you are unable to or do not want to have the original artist finish the work I am happy to discuss the tattoo and some possible options.

Usually I am looking to see if I am a good fit as an artist to do the work and whether I am able to do the tattoo justice, so please do not take offense if I cannot take on your rework :)

5 / What is the easiest way to book in with you?

First and foremost, I really appreciate a thorough email enquiry with a clear outline of your idea and if possible, the information I ask for on the tattoo page of my website!

At times I receive a lot of enquiries and if you have not put the effort into a clear and concise email or sent a broad question such as "how much for a sleeve?" with no other information or context I may not have time to respond to it.

I will answer some quick Instagram direct messages if I catch the request (they are not always seen so it's not a reliable way of contact), however I don't book appointments or discuss large scale work by direct message except for last minute cancellations where I've asked for a DM.

If you want to stay in the loop when I'm taking bookings or for schedule updates, you should be signed up for my mailing list! I'm also using the Instagram broadcast channel feature to advertise last minute cancellations or available time. That can be an easy way to get an appointment, especially for smaller tattoos, if you have flexible availability.

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