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Welcoming 2024

As we enter 2024, I thought I’d write a quick post to wrap up 2023 and welcome 2024.

Lots of great tattoos and large scale projects were finished during the year, and I am so grateful to all my clients, especially the returning clients who keep getting tattooed by me over the years. Tattooing for a living is only possible because of the trust of your clients, especially in the current times.

I planned to travel interstate a few times to tattoo during 2023, but things didn't pan out as I had expected so my focus shifted elsewhere non-tattoo related. Hopefully, 2024 will see a little bit more travel, I’ve already booked one tattoo expo in March (Australian Tattoo Expo Sydney), and my plan is to look at doing a guest spot in Melbourne or Sydney later in the year as well as one or two more tattoo expos. If you would like to be tattooed in one of these states then I’d love to hear from you!

I’m a bit of a dabbler, I like to try new things and at times I have new ideas every few weeks or things I want to start. Sometimes that works out, and other times I’m just starting a lot of projects or new hobbies and not actually finishing anything which can create a bit of guilt or feeling like a lot of time has been wasted. The last year has taught me that this is okay and it’s part of having a curious mind and there’s no shame in trying something new. If you’re an artist (or a human in general) there will be periods of your life which are mostly exploratory but they are just as important as the periods of productivity and finished work.

It's easy to fixate on what was not achieved or completed during the last year, and I had several things that fizzled out, artwork I didn’t finish or plans that never materialized. Some of the things I didn’t get done this year will happen in due time with a little more work, some won’t, and sometimes you need to recognize when to move on or put down an idea for a while.

That being said, I’m super proud I finally wrapped up my colouring book project and had them printed, and that I completed the Inktober challenge. I started a sketchbook which I didn’t fill (yet) but I’ll continue drawing in it for 2024. I spent way more time sketching and trying to improve my drawing, and really enjoyed a few casual life drawing sessions as well thanks to Tipsy Sketching. And I spent a lot more time experimenting and finding subject matter that resonated with me which I want to continue exploring in both art and tattooing.

Wishing all my followers, clients and everyone that supported me in some way this year a great holiday season and happy new year! Looking forward to working with you and sharing more art during 2024.

I’m starting this year with a couple of new stickers and an older t-shirt design I’ve redrawn and will be bringing back. Sign up to the mailing list or keep an eye on social media (Facebook/Instagram) for when they are available :)


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