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This page contains contact information and links to all the places you can find me or my work on the internet. For any tattoo enquiries please see the Tattoo section of my website.

If you have an art commission, collaboration or enquiry please email me at!
Do not send tattoo enquiries to this email.

IG page for my broad art related posts, personal artwork as well as commissioned work or collaborations.

The Facebook page for my tattooing work - this page just reposts content from my Instagram for people without Instagram access and does not have direct messages turned on.

Gumroad platform for digital download purchases such as colouring pages and tutorials/reference.

IG page for displaying my tattooing related work. For any tattoo enquiries please see the Tattoo section of my website first.

Twitch live streaming - occasionally used to live stream drawing/digital art.


Let's Work Together

Commissions, collaborations and art enquiries:

Tattoo enquiries: click here

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